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Are you looking for top Columbus commercial movers? You’re in luck! Krupp Moving is the best Columbus commercial moving company around! We serve Columbus and the entire Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area!

Not only is living in Columbus great, but thanks to its attractive attributes, people love doing business here, too. The cost of living in Columbus is low, making it an attractive option for emerging start-ups and young professionals.

Commercial moving can be stressful; they are entirely different from residential moves and require extensive planning and scheduling.

Columbus has 16 Fortune 1000 companies, 5 Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of small businesses, and thanks to the city’s bustling economy, many are expanding and transitioning to larger spaces. If your company needs assistance, we’re the best Columbus commercial moving company, providing all the tools, equipment, and knowledge to easily handle your commercial move!

What Is a Columbus Commercial Move?

Columbus commercial moving is unlike your typical residential move. It involves complicated logistics, costly equipment, and extensive moving industry knowledge. Commercial moving in Columbus entails relocating heavy machinery and sensitive documents while avoiding business operation disruption. You will need a well-thought-out commercial moving project plan to move a commercial company properly!

People hire reliable Columbus commercial moving companies to lessen their stress, better allocate their time, and save money. Professional Columbus moving companies know how to plan a commercial move and will ensure a smooth transition.

Columbus commercial movers will maximize productivity by transitioning you on time. We’re top Columbus commercial movers; you won’t have to stress about heavy machinery, computers, and other sensitive items when you work with us. We can complete your relocation after hours to minimize disrupting your customers and employees.

Types of Columbus Commercial Moves

There are countless types of commercial moves, and top Columbus commercial movers like Krupp Moving can handle all of them! Commercial moving services we provide:

Commercial moving services we provide:

You can also expect top Columbus commercial moving companies to:

Cost of a Columbus Commercial Move

The cost of moving your company from one location to another can vary drastically. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small local business, Krupp Moving will offer you an affordable rate!

According to Small Business Cost Helper, moving a 1,500-square-foot business space can cost between $750 and $4,500. The only way to get an accurate price is to contact a reliable Columbus commercial moving company and request a quote!

Columbus commercial moving companies evaluate the following parameters when formulating an estimate:

While some parameters are out of your control (the distance of the move, time of year, etc.), Top Columbus commercial movers will provide you with a customizable option, meaning you can opt out of certain services to reduce your price. For instance, packing and equipment disconnect and reconnect are additional services you can do yourself to save money!

Choosing the Best Columbus Commercial Movers

Finding the best commercial moving company can take time and effort. Luckily, we’ve provided a quick cheat sheet below that covers everything you must research and consider before hiring a Columbus commercial mover!

Your Columbus commercial moving company should:
Krupp Moving has 15-plus years of moving industry experience, has helped over 12,000 customers relocate, and has a 2% claims rate! 96% of our happy customers refer us to friends, family, and business acquaintances! We can handle any commercial relocation you have planned! Between our trusted Columbus commercial moving tips and Columbus commercial moving project checklist, we’re certain we will add your business to our list of happy customers! Ultimately, even if you choose full service, you can expect us to provide you with a great price! You can get an accurate in-business or virtual estimate by calling one of our customer service representatives at (614) 892-9046.

Our Commercial Moving Equipment & Training

We only provide the best for your company. Our newer trucks come complete with all the necessary tools and gadgets to transport your company’s goods securely. We offer tractor-trailers and 53-foot professional moving trucks, ensuring plenty of space for your heavy machinery and sensitive documents.

Each truck comes with standardized tools, such as:

Our crew undergoes extensive training, ensuring a smooth transition. We follow specific procedures and project plans to ensure your business’s property is handled properly and arrives on time! Our trucks even boast advanced technology like GPS tracking software so you know where your company belongings are at all times!

Columbus commercial moving is complicated, and you’ll likely need a top Columbus commercial moving company on your side during this transition!

Contact Krupp Moving, The Best Columbus Commercial Moving Company

Krupp Moving are trusted Columbus commercial movers and we’re ready to provide you with any commercial moving service you need! We’re proud to serve Columbus and all of the Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area! Contact us today at (614) 892-9046 for a free estimate on your commercial move!