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Don’t get scared about an international move! A move between countries can transform your life, giving you opportunities to meet new people and grow your business. But it can also be stressful, as you must keep track of many details.

We at Krupp Moving understand how difficult an international relocation can be, so we employ a team of top Akron international movers. We are ready to give you affordable, efficient, and personalized international moving services. Here’s what you should know about our Akron international moving company.

What Is an Akron International Move?

An international move is any move that occurs over national boundaries. A move can be short, long distance, or cross country, though most international relocations take place over hundreds of miles. Akron international moving companies can perform international moves to Canada and Mexico with trucks. However, most customers move overseas or across an ocean, so they require ships or planes.

One reason why international moves are confusing is the lingo. Here are some essential terms you should know before hiring an Akron international shipping company:
  • The origin agent: local movers who perform an inventory of your belongings, giving you a free estimate
  • The freight forwarder: the company that arranges the importing and exporting of your items
  • Consolidating warehouse: a moving and storage warehouse where Akron international movers will consolidate and store your items for shipment
  • Export/origin port: the port where Akron international movers load your items for shipping
  • Shipping line: the company that owns the ship transporting your items
  • Destination port: the port where a team of Akron international movers unload your items for customs and delivery
  • Customs: the dedicated agency in your destination country that controls the flow of goods into the country
  • Destination agent: the company that handles your items in your destination country, delivering your items to your new home
People move between international locations for various reasons. Some people move abroad to establish a new family or live near their family members. Other people relocate to obtain a new home or move into an affordable apartment. Many people also enjoy the adventure of traveling abroad, exploring new places and new cultures.

How to Move Overseas with Krupp Moving

An overseas relocation anywhere in the world is difficult, even if you’re using local movers experienced in moving to Akron. The best way to ensure a stress free move is to hire a full service and dedicated Akron international moving company. Krupp Moving can give you many essential Akron international moving services at affordable prices.

Our crew of Akron international movers can perform each step of the relocating process. We can pack all your belongings securely, bringing top packing materials to your door. We can then move and load your furniture, household goods, and other items into secure containers and onto our trucks. Once we’ve driven to the export port, we can load your items onto the ship and oversee them. When we arrive at your destination port, we can unload your household items and handle the entire customs process. It can take three to six weeks for goods to arrive, so be patient. We will remain in touch with you during the entire moving process.

After customs, we can drop your items off at your home and perform comprehensive unpacking services. If we disassembled your furniture or bulky items, we can reassemble them and place them in any room in your new home.

How Much Does an Akron International Move Cost?

It can be hard to determine the cost of an Akron overseas moving company in advance. Many factors influence your estimate, and some factors are beyond your control. The biggest factor is how much space your items take up. The more cubic feet of container space you need, the more expensive your move will be. Most moves involve using one of three types of containers: 20-foot-long containers, 40-foot-long containers, and 40-foot-tall cubes. The bigger your container is, the higher your cost.

A full container load (FCL) move occurs when you use up an entire container. This is more expensive than a partial container load (PCL), when you only use up part of a container. However, an FCL gives you more security and convenience and customs are less likely to detain it than a PCL.

Another important factor is how the move takes place. Moves using airplanes cost a lot more than moves using trucks or ships. Moves using airplanes are best for small shipments that you must deliver as soon as possible.

Customs clearance and paperwork require fees. If customs agents have to perform extensive inspections, you may pay thousands of dollars.

You can expect to pay more if you’re moving a very long distance, though even a local move can have a high cost. The more items you need us to move, the higher the cost may be. Some Akron international movers charge higher rates for moving during a peak season, like the summertime. Additional services like crating services and moving storage services cost extra.

No matter how many items you’re moving or where you’re moving to, we will give you a free quote. We can conduct a quick virtual inventory and let you know exactly how much your move will cost. No matter what you’re paying, we will give you a hassle free and smooth transition.

International Moving Tips From Akron

We recommend following a few tips for a smooth and safe move abroad. Here’s what you should do before moving overseas.

Research Your Destination Country

You should learn as much as possible about your destination country before moving. Google cultural norms, government resources, and important documents in your destination. Research whether you can use your appliances or mobile phones in your destination country. Figure out how you can apply for and obtain a visa, purchase health insurance, and bring your pet.

Gather Your Valuables

You should place all of your important documents into a folder or binder. Important documents include your birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license. You can put these documents on a virtual cloud, but make sure you have physical copies.

Declutter Your Home

Even if you order full packing services from Akron overseas movers, you will need to get rid of some items. If your appliances don’t work in your destination country, you can sell, donate, or give them away. Most Akron international movers will not relocate food, pets, plants, or dangerous items like chemicals.

Fill out Your Paperwork Before Hiring Akron International Movers

Your visa application is just one piece of paperwork you must fill out. If you’re a student or moving with a student, you need to inform your school and fill out a transfer certificate. You also must fill out transfer of address cards and complete a form for an international driving license. If your bank has a branch in your destination country, you may need to complete a form to transfer your holdings internationally.

Agencies and Resources for Akron International Moving

These agencies have decades of experience in providing assistance for international moves. They include:
  • This website is an official American government website that provides information on visas, international driver’s licenses, and emergency help abroad.
  • STEP: The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) lets the closest American embassy contact you during emergencies and provide you with safety updates.
  • U.S. Embassy or Consulate website: This website gives you the contact information for your destination country’s embassy or consulate.
  • International Driving Permit: The AAA International Driving Permit allows you to drive on another country’s roads while holding a valid American driver’s license.
  • US Department of State: The US Department of State provides travel advisories, contact information, and other important information for all other countries in the world.

Choosing the Best Akron International Moving Company

You may have several options for Akron international movers. You should spend some time comparing your options and finding the right Akron international moving company for you. Look for an Akron overseas moving company with positive Yelp or Google reviews. Ask your friends and family for any Akron overseas movers they recommend.

Any Akron overseas moving company you hire should have years of international moving experience. The company should also have a license, insurance, and the proper equipment for moving safely. All employees who work for the Akron international shipping company should have training in providing moving services and friendly customer service.

Research Akron international movers, and you’ll find that Krupp Moving is your best choice. We have over 80 positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 5.0, the highest amongst Akron overseas movers. We have an Ohio moving license and insurance. We have served over 12,000 customers over the last 15 years, maintaining a 2% insurance claims rate and a 96% referral rate.

Each mover on our team receives training in each step of the international move process. We can help with planning your move, packing your items, and hauling them to your destination. We even offer piano moving services and moving help services. While we’re providing quality moving services, you can relax and travel to your new home.
Don’t let your international move worry you! Krupp Moving has the best Akron international movers, with decades of experience in the international moving industry. We will give you the stress free move you and your family deserve today. Call 330-359-1491 for a free quote for Akron international moving services now.