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An Ohio intrastate move can be a great opportunity. You can move to another city of Ohio, enjoy the attractions and housing there, and receive services from the Ohio state government. But any same-state move can be a challenge, especially a long-distance move of over 100 miles. 

That’s why Krupp Moving is the top Ohio in state moving company. We provide friendly customer service and customized yet affordable services other Ohio in state moving companies don’t offer. We serve Akron and all of the Greater Akron area, Canton, Wooster, and beyond. Here’s what you should know about our Akron in state movers.

What Is an Ohio Intrastate Move?

An intrastate move is a move of more than 100 miles between locations that are in the same state. You may have heard of an interstate move; an interstate move is between locations in different states, regardless of how far away they are. 

Nearly all Ohio statewide movers, including Krupp Moving, consider intrastate moves to be long distance moves. If you are moving a shorter distance between two Ohio locations, you can hire Krupp’s team of top Akron local movers. You can employ Krupp’s team of Akron long distance movers for a move outside of Ohio.

People perform long distance single state moves for various reasons. Some people relocate to purchase a more affordable house or rent an apartment. Other people move for work, either to apply for a new job or take a promotion. You can also move to attend college, retire, or get a fresh start in a new region of Ohio. 

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regulates all intrastate moving companies within Ohio. Any Ohio in state moving company you hire should have a license with PUCO, and you should check PUCO’s website to ensure the single state moving company has the license. 

Our crew of experienced Akron statewide movers can move anyone to any part of the state. Common same state moves include: 

How to Move Within Ohio With Krupp Moving

Krupp Moving is a full service Akron in state moving company. You can call us whenever you want to schedule a date for moving within Ohio, and we’ll give you a free and personalized quote with transparent pricing. We can guarantee dates and give you a guaranteed price for your intrastate move, no matter when and where you’re moving to. 

We can give you comprehensive packing services, packing your entire house, including fragile items. We can bring top moving supplies so you don’t have to waste time going to the store. 

Our experienced team of Ohio intrastate movers can assemble and disassemble any piece of furniture in your home. We can move bulky items like pianos, safes, and pool tables, unlike other Ohio intrastate moving companies that only move boxes and bags. We perform all the heavy lifting using equipment like dollies and carts to avoid damage to your belongings, floors, and doors. Unlike other Akron statewide moving companies, we use dedicated trucks for all long distance moves, with the same crew staying with you until you reach your new home. 

Once we get there, we’ll carry all your items into your house. If we disassemble your furniture, we’ll reassemble it at your new home and drop it off in any room of your choice. We can also drop off boxes, bags, and appliances in any room in your home. 

By hiring an Akron intrastate moving company, you’ll save time and avoid damage to your possessions. You won’t injure yourself performing the heavy lifting or disassembling bulky and unusually shaped pieces of furniture. While your reliable Ohio in state movers are working for you, you can relax and take care of yourself before moving to your new home.

How Much Is an Ohio In State Move?

The cost of Ohio in state movers can depend on a few factors. The two biggest factors are the weight of your shipment and the distance between locations. If your items are very heavy, your estimate may be higher. You will pay more money for a longer move than a shorter move as well. 

Other factors that influence your move include move-out and move-in dates. Some Akron intrastate movers charge extra for moves on weekends or during a peak season, like the summer. Additional services like storage are charged separately, so you should factor the cost of those services into your move. 

No matter where your move is or how many items you’re bringing with you, Krupp Moving will give you an affordable relocation to your new home. We can give you an accurate in-home or virtual estimate to determine your cost in advance. 

Choosing the Best Ohio Statewide Movers

Before you start moving within Ohio, you should research Ohio statewide moving companies. You should talk to your friends about professional Ohio statewide movers they’ve used. If you don’t get any recommendations, you should visit the websites of a few different Akron intrastate movers. 

You should also check out the Yelp and Google reviews of different companies, though you should read the comments instead of just looking at the star rating. Make sure any Ohio statewide moving company you hire has a license with PUCO and moving insurance. 

Once you’ve researched Ohio intrastate movers, you’ll find Krupp Moving is the best Ohio in state moving company. We’ve assisted over 12,000 customers over the last 15 years while maintaining a 2% insurance claims rate. We have a 96% customer referral rate, over 80 positive Google reviews, and an average star rating of 5.0.

We use top equipment for every move, including clean, spacious, and dedicated trucks with truck tracking and GPS devices. Our crew receives training in every step of the process, helping you save time on packing and transporting all your items. We also train our crew of Ohio in state movers to provide friendly customer service, customizing each service in our catalog to meet your needs. 

If you need Akron storage services, we can store your items in a climate-controlled 90,000 square foot warehouse, unlike many Ohio in state moving companies that don’t provide storage. We can also perform labor only assistance, helping you pack a storage container or rental truck for four or more hours.

Krupp Moving can give you the stress free intrastate move you deserve. We have a 96% customer referral rate because we use dedicated trucks and provide guaranteed prices for all intrastate moving projects. Our trusted Akron statewide moving company serves all residents in Akron as well as all of the Greater Akron area, Canton, Wooster, OH, and beyond. Get a free moving estimate by calling 330-359-1491.