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ULTIMATE Moving to Bexley, OH Guide | 🏡 Top Living in Bexley Tips

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 10:23 am

Are you thinking about moving to Bexley, Ohio? This affluent city is a first-ring suburb of Columbus and less than four miles outside downtown. Bexley is known for its excellent schools, charming and walkable Main Street, tree-lined residential streets, and prestigious private schools. It’s also famous for its estates and large homes in Bullitt Park including the Ohio Governor’s Mansion. Bexley was recently named one of the best places to live in Ohio!

Is Bexley, Ohio a nice place to live? Absolutely, if you’re looking for a safe community close to the city with beautiful parks and highly rated schools. Here’s what you’ll love about living in Bexley and what you should expect.

Bexley, OH Population & Demographics

Bexley is located in Franklin County just three miles east of downtown Columbus. The population of Bexley, Ohio is 13,900 according to the 2020 Census. The city’s name comes from Col. Lincoln Kilbourne, an early resident whose family was from Bexley, London, England.

Bexley has three informal areas: South Bexley (between Main St & Livingston Ave), Central Bexley (between Main St & Broad St), and North Bexley (north of Broad St). These areas have very different demographics.

North Bexley is the most affluent area and known for its very large homes and estates. Central Bexley has homes mostly between 2,000 and 4,500 square feet with most residents considered upper middle class with white collar jobs. South Bexley has smaller homes and it’s the most middle class area of the city. Most blue collar workers, young professionals, and young families live in South Bexley.


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Overall, Bexley is an affluent community and predominantly white. About 84% of residents are white, 7% are Black or African American, 3% are Asian, and 3% are Hispanic of any race. The most common religious affiliations among people living in Bexley are Protestant, Jewish, and Roman Catholic.

Basic Bexley demographics:

  • Median age: 34.6
  • Median household income: $109,000
  • Educational attainment: 76% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Sex: 56% female and 44% male

Is Bexley a safe place to live? The Bexley, OH crime rate is 2,236 total crimes per 100,000 people with 86 violent crimes and 2,150 property crimes per 100,000 residents. The city has a crime rate 10% below the national average and 77% less violent crime than the U.S. average! The Columbus crime rate is significantly higher than Bexley too. After moving to Bexley, OH, you’ll be served by the Bexley Police Department.

Bexley has had many famous residents including author R.L. Stine, actor Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother), writer Frank Lesser (The Colbert Report), and Larry Flint, the publisher of Hustler.

What Is the Cost of Living in Bexley, OH?

How much does it cost to live in Bexley? The Bexley cost of living index is 117 which means it is 17% more expensive than the national average. By comparison, Ohio is 17% more affordable than the U.S. average, and the Columbus cost of living index is 92.

Healthcare and transportation are very affordable, and groceries and utilities are close to average. However, housing is expensive and pushes the cost of living higher.

The Bexley average home price is $345,000. The real estate market isn’t very competitive with homes selling in a median of 43 days and almost 15% of listings dropping their price. You can see Bexley, OH homes for sale here to see what you can get with your budget.

Living in Bexley is far more affordable for renters! The Bexley average apartment rent is $1,000 for about 920 square feet according to RentCafe. That’s well below the national average apartment rent of $1,500, and it’s slightly lower than rent in Columbus and Cincinnati.

Great Bexley Neighborhoods | Best Places to Live in Bexley, OH

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Bexley to put on your list? This small city is divided into three regions. Here’s what you can expect from each area as you narrow down your options and decide which neighborhood to call home.

North Bexley | Affluent Bexley Neighborhood Known for its Estates

The most well-known and gorgeous neighborhood in North Bexley is Bullitt Park, once a separate community before it merged with Pleasant Ridge to create the city of Bexley. Bullitt Park is a prestigious community famous for its large estates like the Jeffrey Park Mansion.

Central Bexley | Upper Middle Class Neighborhood with Great Parks

Central Bexley is a great place to live for families and outdoor enthusiasts. The neighborhood is home to Bexley High School and it’s bounded by Main Street, the primary destination for shopping and restaurants in the city.

South Bexley | Blue Collar Area & Most Affordable Bexley Neighborhood

Looking for affordable homes and a great quality of life close to downtown Columbus? The South Bexley neighborhood has your name on it. The neighborhood is home to the prestigious Capital University and bounded by the Main Street shopping area. It’s mostly residential outside Capital University with options for renters like Bexley Village where rent is $790 to $1,300.

Bexley Climate | What’s the Weather Like in Bexley?

Bexley has a humid continental climate typical of the Midwest. You’ll experience all four seasons while living in Bexley with cold winters and very hot, humid summers. The average winter low is 21 degrees and the average summer high is 75 degrees. You’ll enjoy pleasant weather in Bexley between 70 and 85 degrees about five months a year.

The best time to visit Bexley is June and September. You’ll avoid the extreme heat and humidity in July and August with pleasant temperatures for spending time outdoors.

Top Things to Do in Bexley, OH

Ready to explore free things to do in Bexley, top attractions, and ways to enjoy a beautiful day? Here’s a look at some of the best activities, amenities, and landmarks of the city. You’ll also find convenient shopping in Bexley including Bexley Square, Bexley Shopping Center, Bexley Centre, Urban Emporium, Kroger, and Bexley Natural Market.

Jeffrey Park

This large, wooded park is one of the best things to do in Bexley with kids! The park features a playground, tennis courts, and a community pool plus canoe and kayak equipment and access. It’s located right behind Jeffrey Mansion.

Jeffrey Park, 165 N Parkview Ave, Bexley, OH 43209 (614) 559-4300

Drexel Movie Theater

This 1930s-era theater is one of the most well-known Bexley attractions. The Main Street theater features international and independent films.

Drexel Theatres, 2254 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209 (614) 231-1050

Other major attractions in Bexley:

Best Restaurants in Bexley

It may be a small city, but you’ll have plenty of options for dinner while living in Bexley! Here are some of the top-rated restaurants and eateries in the city.


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Jobs in Bexley & Average Salary

How much do you need to earn to live in Bexley? The average salary in Bexley is $59,600 or $29 an hour. Many people living in Bexley work in downtown Columbus. Here’s what your easy 3-mile commute from Bexley, OH to Columbus looks like! Port Columbus International Airport and Ohio State University are also major employers for Bexley residents as both are just 15 minutes away.

Bexley is a mostly residential area with a commercial area that offers retail and service jobs. The following are some of the largest employers in Bexley and nearby areas.

  • City of Bexley (careers)
  • Bexley City Schools (careers)
  • Capital University (careers)
  • Ohio State University (careers)
  • JP Morgan
  • Nationwide
  • Cardinal Health
  • OCLC, a library cooperative creating shared tech services, research, and community programs

Bexley, OH Schools

While living in Bexley, you’ll be served by Bexley City Schools, a highly rated public school district in which 88% of secondary students participate in extracurricular activities. The district has about 2,400 enrolled students with small classroom sizes. Teachers in the district have an average of 16 years of experience and 85% have a master’s degree. Learn more with the 2020/2021 Quality Profile.

If you’re considering higher education, you’ll find plenty of highly regarded colleges and universities in the area including Capital University, a private university in Bexley, Columbus State Community College, and Franklin University.


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General Bexley Statistics & Information

  • County: Franklin County, Ohio
  • Zip code: 43209
  • Area codes: 614 and 380
  • Total area: 2.44 square miles
  • Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) or UTC-5
  • Elevation: 794 feet

Map of Bexley, OH

Explore fun things to do in Bexley, places to eat, and more with this Bexley map.

Tips for Moving to Bexley, OH

  • Bexley has excellent public schools, private schools, and one of the country’s top private universities.
  • Bexley is a popular suburb for young professionals, families, and commuters who work in downtown Columbus, less than four miles away.
  • The cost of living in Bexley is high due to high home prices. You’ll find the most affordable housing in South Bexley.
  • Bexley’s walkable, historic Main Street is the center of activity and home to most of the shopping and dining in the city. You’ll find the best parks in Bexley along Alum Creek.
  • You can see how Bexley compares to living in Columbus with our complete city guide.

Is living in Bexley right for you? If you’ve decided to relocate to this beautiful suburb, our friendly movers are ready to help! Call Krupp Moving & Storage to discuss your upcoming move and request a free moving quote.


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