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Moving to Kent - The Ultimate 2019 Guide

Moving to Kent, OH (2024) | The Ultimate Guide to Living in Kent

Last Updated on: 29th March 2024, 02:14 am

There are some small towns across the country that gain national acclaim for negative press coverage and others that are famous for their positive impacts on society. The city of Kent, OH has been on both sides of this spectrum.

As a small suburb on the northeast side of the Akron metropolitan area, Kent has a unique history unlike many others across the state. It is well known for numerous stories surrounding the local university, famous athletes who have come from there, and its role in the development of a major railroad.

This college town offers its residents a comfortable lifestyle with an affordable cost of living and great activities nearby. If you’re moving to Kent soon, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about living there.

1. People and History of Kent, OH

People living in Kent lovingly refer to themselves as “Kentites”, though the area hasn’t always gone by that name. The town was originally established in 1805 and at that time was known as Franklin Mills, due to the number of water-powered mills placed along the nearby Cuyahoga River. But as the years progressed a man named Marvin Kent redesigned the area as home to the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, leading the townspeople to change the name to Kent in his honor.

Lady holding Ohio flag with pink background

The city is now home to a population of about 29,900 Kentites who are proud to call the area their home. It has recently undergone multiple redevelopment projects to expand both the commercial and residential opportunities within its borders.

2. Home to Kent State University

The city’s university is the most recognized landmark in the area due, in part, to the international news coverage of the Kent State shootings in 1970. Many students who attended the college at that time were against the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War, causing many to protest and even riot around the campus.

On May 4 of that year, one of the protests became violent, leading to multiple students being fired upon by the local National Guard, injuring nine and killing four others. A memorial now stands at the campus as a reminder of the importance of standing for peaceful change.

Kent State University also has a vibrant history of educational excellence as well as strong athletic programs. The school has produced a variety of great NFL football players including Antonio Gates, James Harrison, and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. The University of Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, also attended Kent University and played football for their program.

3. Things to Do and Places to Eat in Kent

Even though the city covers less than ten square miles, you’ll still find a variety of fun things to do in Kent. The Kent State University Museum is a great place to keep up with both current and previous trends. The museum frequently revolves its exhibits by featuring a range of items including fashion, art, and more. Anyone who wants more of an outdoor adventure should visit the Tom S. Cooperrider-Kent Bog State Nature Preserve, where you can enjoy a beautiful walk through the local nature.

Kent State University Museum


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Kent State University Museum, 515 Hilltop Dr, Kent, OH 44240

After a day out on the town, you’ll likely be ready for something to eat and Kent offers plenty of great options. One of the best places to eat around the city is Mike’s Place, offering a vast array of American comfort food that spans an EIGHT PAGE menu. Other great eats can be found at Wild Goats Fresh & Funky Fine Dining for build-your-own burgers or Taco Tontos for nachos, burritos, and tacos.

Mike’s Place


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Mike’s Place, 4447, 1700 S Water St, Kent, OH 44240

Taco Tontos


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Taco Tontos, 123 Franklin Ave, Kent, OH 44240

4. Comfortable Kent Neighborhoods

Anyone thinking about moving to Kent will be happy to hear, the area has a variety of great neighborhoods to choose from. Named after a well-known family in the city’s history, the Davey neighborhood is located on the northeast side of town. It is recognized for the simple and beautiful homes, as well as its close proximity to the nearby Lake Rockwell.

On the northern part of town, you can also find the charming community of Riverbend. It is a pleasant and tightknit suburbia right along the Cuyahoga River.

5. Cost of Living in Kent

As part of your search for the perfect home, you’ll probably need to know how much it costs to live in the area. The average price of a home in Kent is currently $144,300, which is up about 4.7% in the past 12 months. Currently a hot market, that number is expected to rise another 4.8% over the next year.

Anyone not presently interested in purchasing a home will find an average price of rent between $990 and $1,266 per month, depending on the size of the location.

Kentites also enjoy savings on groceries when compared to the national average. According to Numbeo, you can get a gallon of milk is $2.29, a loaf of bread for about $1.89, and a pound of chicken breast for less than $2.50.

6. Local School System

Beyond the widely recognized university, Kent is home to two local school districts: Field Local School District and Kent City School District. Depending on your location and preference, young students can attend Brimfield Elementary or Longcoy Elementary. If you would rather your child attend a private school, St. Patrick Elementary offers a K-8 program.

Teacher in Kent elementary school

Middle schoolers who don’t attend St. Patrick can go to Stanton Middle School on the north side of town. The city also has only one high school, which is home to the Theodore Roosevelt High Rough Riders.

7. Job Market for Educators and Laborers

When it comes to local jobs in Kent, you won’t find a larger employer in the area than Kent State University. The school employs more than 4,000 professors, administrators, and support staff at its campus.

Next on the list is a company with the widely recognized local name of Davey again. The Davey Tree Expert Company has thousands of workers as part of their multinational landscaping business, which is headquartered in this small city. Also in the area, is the non-profit behavioral healthcare provider known as Coleman Professional.

8. Kent Weather Mixes Cold Winters and Humid Summers

It’s no secret that most areas around Ohio experience cold, wet winters that bring a fair bit of snow. Kent joins the ranks reaching the low 20s and tacking on about 45 inches of snow in the city each year.

Snow on bridge in Kent, OH

Summers are on the opposite end with warm, enjoyable temperatures. Though living in Kent means getting used to the humidity, the thermometer rarely goes above the low 80s, which makes it much more bearable even on the hottest days.

Moving to Kent? We’re Here to Help!

Now that you know exactly what it’s like living in Kent it’s time to start planning your move. If you’re feeling bogged down by the stresses of packing, transporting, and unpacking all of your things from the old place to the new one, we’d love to help.

Our team of Kent movers is well-trained and fully prepared to handle any relocation job, big or small. Whether you’re moving to Kent or relocating out of the area, count on our services to do the job right the first time.

Give us a call today at (330) 593-2739 with any questions or fill out the quote form at the top of this page to receive a free moving estimate from us.


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