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The Complete Guide to Changing Your Address in Ohio

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 10:55 am

Moving to Ohio, whether you’re moving to a new city within the state, or from another part of the US, is a big deal. It’s an exciting transition, but it also comes with a large, and sometimes overwhelming “to-do” list. In addition to finding your new home, packing your things, and finding a reputable Ohio moving company to help get you there, you also have to consider moving extras, like forwarding your mail, getting a new license, and officially changing your address.

Alerting the proper departments and companies to your change of address is an important part of any move. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make document your change of address with the proper government departments. With this handy checklist, you can be sure you’ve told everyone you need to about your where your new home is!

Change Your Address with the OH BMV

Anyone moving to or within Ohio has to document their change of address with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In Ohio, when you move, you are required not only to file your change of address with the BMV; you’ll also need to get a new license, a new car registration, and update your voter registration. This ensures that local and state government agencies have your correct information on file, and you’ll be able to prove your point of residence with your ID. There are three ways to change your address in Ohio at the BMV:

  • By Mail: First you’ll need to download and print Ohio’s Change of Address Form, which is also known as Form BMV 5756. If you can’t access or download the form, you can also send a written request for a change of address, which must include the following:
    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your Ohio license or ID number
    • BOTH your previous and new addresses

Then you can mail your form to the following address:
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Deputy Registrar Services
P.O. Box 16520
Columbus, OH 43216

  • Online: Do to the OH BMV website to fill out a change of address form online. You’ll need your license number or a valid ID number to use this method!
  • In Person: You can also change your address in Ohio by visiting your local Deputy Registrar’s Office! While you’re there, you can also renew your driver’s license or ID if needed. You’ll need to complete the same form as above, and also being proof of your new address. Acceptable proof of residence includes:
    • Your updated auto insurance policy
    • A checking or savings account statement with your new address
    • A utility bill from within 60 days of your visit, for your new residence

While you’re at the BMV, you can also take this time to fill out an Ohio license change of address and change your voter registration in Ohio. Updating your license is required by every state, usually within 30 days of your move. Failing to update your license is a misdemeanor, and you could be subject to a fine if your address on your license is incorrect. If you want to vote and don’t update your registration, you could be barred from both your old polling station and your new one due to lack of ID verification.

USPS Change of Address in Ohio

Happy postman bring the mail.

Another important government agency to tell about your Ohio change of address is the United States Postal Service (USPS). This will ensure that all of your mail is properly forwarded to your new address, so you don’t miss anything! You can change your address with the USPS online or in person.

To change your address online, simply go to and follow the prompts. This is the fastest and easiest way to begin forwarding your mail. Note that there is a service fee when you change your address online, but it’s only $1, and it’s used to prevent fraud by validating your identity using your credit or debit car. If you prefer to do things in person, you can visit your local post office and request a Mover’s Guide Packet. Inside the packet you’ll find a form titled “PS Form 3575.” Fill it out and give it to one of the postal workers at the post office, or just drop it in the letter slot. The USPS will then send a confirmation to your *NEW* address in about 5 business days, and then you are all set!

Changing Your Address in Ohio: Who Else Needs to Know?

Woman thinking in front of a gray background.

Remember, there are A LOT of people and services who need to know your correct address. After handling your state requirements (ALWAYS do these first!), you’ll want to make sure that the following folks have your updated address:

  • Your Insurance Company: Your agent might only work in a certain area, so, you might need a new agent. Additionally, a new address in a new area can sometimes impact the cost of your premium!
  • The IRS: Despite the IRS’s reputation, this is actually very easy! If you move before you file your taxes for the year, simply put your new address on your return. (If you are moving to Ohio from another state, also be sure to submit tax returns for ALL the states you lived in the previous year.) If you’re moving after tax season, you can fill out Form 8822 to notify the IRS of your new residence.
  • Your Bank & Credit Card Companies: It is so important to make sure that the folks holding your money have the right address. This also ensures that banking statements are sent to the right place, and you’ll want to get updated checks (if you still use those).
  • Any Other Subscriptions or Services: Whether it’s a magazine subscription or your doctor’s office, any service you use regularly needs to know your correct address. For an easy checklist, go through your latest bills either in your mail or on your credit card statement, to see who bills you on a regular basis.
  • Utilities Providers: Make sure you’re not paying utilities at your old residence by alerting them about your move, and make sure your utilities are “on” by contacting your new provider.
  • Friends and Family: Your friends and family absolutely need to know where you live! Whether they want to send you birthday presents, or letters, or visit, it’s important to keep the folks you love in the loop about your new home.

Moving to Ohio From Out of State?

If you are moving to Ohio from another state, you’ll need to change your address using the methods we have already talked about, but keep in mind that each state has its own requirements for entering or leaving the state. In the state you’re leaving, you need to be sure to alert your local department of motor vehicles (this is important for voting, tax and census purposes.)

New folks moving to Ohio also have a few special requirements. Like everyone who’s moving to a new home, you’ll need to update your address on your license, but as an out-of-stater, you’ll need to apply for an Ohio License within 30 days of your moving day. You’ll have to register to vote in Ohio, and you’ll have to update your Organ Donor status as well.

For your car, you’ll need to start by obtaining Ohio car insurance, and having your vehicle inspected in the county where your new home is located. In some areas, a smog test might be required in addition to standard inspection points. You’ll have to go in person to transfer your vehicle’s title to Ohio and apply for an Ohio registration, and both of these must happen within 30 days of your move.

Welcome to Ohio!

From the BMV to the USPS, that’s everything you need to know about changing your address in Ohio. If you’ve made your way through the process and double checked all the providers who “need to know,” you’re all set to begin the newest chapter of your life in Ohio. From all of us here at Krupp Moving and Storage, let us be the first to say, Welcome to Ohio. You’re going to love it here!


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