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Is Living in Granville for You? | 💝 Why Moving to Granville OH Is so Popular

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 10:20 am

Granville is a small village located in Licking County, OH. It’s nearby rolling hills in a rural area of central Ohio, and is a great place to call home. Granville is best known for being the “Military Land” that the US government seized in the 1790s and later gave to the Veterans that fought in the Revolutionary War.

Some of the most famous landmarks include St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, The Buxton Inn, The Granville Inn, and the Bryn Du Mansion.

Granville is just one of the other 25 townships within Licking County. It’s one of the best places to live in Ohio, and is perfect for obtaining a suburban lifestyle.

Where Is Granville?

While there are small cities and towns near Granville like: Heath, Thornville, and Utica, the next big urban city is Columbus. It is 35 miles from Granville to Columbus, OH.

The village of Granville is surrounded by three prominent hills: College Hill, Sugarloaf Hill, and Parnassus Hill.

While Granville is part of the Columbus Metro Area, and a suburb of Columbus, it doesn’t have any buses or public transportation. Don’t worry, though, it’s a very walkable village, so most of your errands can be completed on foot or bike.

Granville Population & Demographics

The population in Granville, OH, is 5,709, and it has increased by 63 residents since the 2010 census. The population density is 1,212 people per square mile.

Even though Granville is a small village, it has consistently been growing over the years and there are so many things to love about the area. The median household income in Granville is $132,566 which is well above the average household income of $58,116 for the state of Ohio.

Here are the two most notable people in Granville:

Lea Ann Parsley: Lea Ann was the first ever skeleton athlete to win a silver medal and a world cup for the United States.

George Jones: Was the founder of the well-known New York Times.

Granville OH Demographics:

  • Racial breakdown, 87.5% White, 0.5% African American, 4.3% Hispanic, 4.9% Asian, 3.0 % Biracial
  • Gender Breakdown: 52.5% female and 47.5% male
  • 6.0% Foreign-Born Population
  • Median Age: 22 years old
  • Educational Attainment: 99.3% of people have graduated high school, and 77.3% of people have a bachelor’s degree

The total crime rate in Granville is 541 per 100k people, which is 78.2% lower than the national average, making Granville a very safe place to live.

The Granville Police Department has 10 full-time officers that help to serve and protect this great community.

Cost of Living in Granville

The cost of living in Granville is 5.9% higher than the national average.

The Economic Policy Institute recommends that a family of four have a household income of $78,405 per year to live comfortably in Licking County, OH. Click here to check out the calculator.

Typical Granville Living Expenses (Numbeo):

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: $18.00
  • Domestic Beer (1 pint draught): $5.00
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon): $3.01
  • Bread (1 loaf): $2.09
  • Oranges (1 lb): $1.49
  • Apples (1 lb): $2.41
  • Beef Round (1 lb): $7.22
  • Eggs (regular, 12): $2.85
  • Average Cost of Gasoline per gallon: $4.54
  • Fitness Club (Per Month, 1 Adult): $40.49
  • Average Granville utilities per month: $372.00

The median house price in Granville, Ohio, is $470,450. If you’re planning on purchasing a piece of property, check out some of the available homes for sale in Granville, OH.

If you’re interested in renting for the time being, the average rent in Granville is between $1,100 and $1,829+. When it comes to the price, it all depends on the location and size of the apartment.

Granville Neighborhood | Where to Live in Granville

Here is the top neighborhood to consider moving to in Granville:

Welsh Hills | A Granville Historical Community

In 1796, immigrants from Wales were looking for a new life, so they started a journey toward America. They initially settled in Pennsylvania, but after a few years, the family purchased 2,000 acres of land within Licking County. The neighborhood was named Welsh Hills after the family who initially purchased the land. It’s an affordable and beautiful neighborhood that is perfect for planting your roots.

Welsh Hills, Granville Township, OH

Granville Weather & Climate

The climate of Granville is continental. The spring and summer months are long, hot, and humid. And their fall and winter months are short, cold, and filled with snow. If you’re looking for the ideal time to visit or move, it will be between June and September since they have the most activities taking place within the community. On average, the temperature can range between low 70s to the upper 80s during the spring and summer, and the mid 30s to upper 50s during the fall and winter.

When it comes to average rainfall per year, Granville gets around 30.3 inches of rain, and then for snowfall, they have an average of 11.6 inches of snow per year.

Granville is a moderate risk for experiencing a tornado, so just be prepared with extra water, long-term food storage, medications for yourself, and supplies for your animals.

Things to Do in Granville

While Granville only has one shopping mall, the Granville Center, there are plenty of individual stores that you should check out. Here are a few: Green Velvet, Cedar & Thread, Ross’ Granville Market, and Readers’ Garden Book Store.

Wildwood Park | Granville Family-Friendly Activity

With a playground, bike path, picnic shelter, and a soccer field, Wildwood Park has something for everyone in your family.

Some of the rules for Wildwood Park are that it’s open from morning till night, all animals must be kept on their leash, always clean up after your pet, and no alcohol.

Wildwood Park 785 W Broadway, Granville, OH 43023

Spring Valley Nature Preserve | 12 Popular Hiking Trails

With 45 acres, the Spring Valley Nature Preserve has plenty of nature trails to explore, an open field to toss the football around, and then come back for a nice lunch under the picnic shelter. It is essential to note that renting the picnic shelter does cost money, so contact GRD to reserve.

1539 Columbus Rd SW, Granville, OH 43023 (740) 587-1976

Licking Park District | Granville OH Hiking & Biking Trails

The Licking Park District is under a design transformation but is still open to the public. They are adding a new play structure, such as swings, slides, tunnels, sand, and willow. You have plenty of trails to choose from, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert hiker. There is a 4-acre dog park, disc golf, streams, rivers, an equestrian arena, and open fields.

Licking Park District 4309 Lancaster Rd, Granville, OH 43023 (740) 587-2535

Additional Places To Visit In Granville

Here are additional Granville parks to check out. You can also check out the Granville events calendar to find upcoming events in the area.

Granville Restaurants

Food is what brings people together. Here are some of the best food options in Granville, OH.

Broadway Pub | Unique Craft Beer

Since 2005, Broadway Pub has been providing mouth-watering food and one-of-a-kind service to its customers. They have everything from wraps to sandwiches, salads, and burgers. Plus, with a full bar, you have everything you need for a perfect meal.

Broadway Pub 126 E Broadway, Granville, OH 43023 (740) 587-0252

Mai Chau Kitchen | Vietnam Inspired Street Food

Fresh ingredients, exotic flavors, vegan options, non-GMO, and plenty of veggies are just a few things that Mai Chau Kitchen focuses on providing for their customers.

Mai Chau Kitchen 133 N Prospect St, Granville, OH 43023 (740) 920-4680

Aladdin Restaurant | Affordable Granville Restaurant

Aladdin Diner is the go-to spot for people looking for an affordable yet delicious breakfast or lunch in the Granville area, especially among college students. Their menu has everything you could ever dream about!

Aladdin Restaurant 122 E Broadway, Granville, OH 43023 (740 920-4144

Additional Restaurants In Granville

Jobs in Granville

Granville’s economy is thriving, and the unemployment rate is only 3.8%. The top three employers in Granville are: Denison University, Mid-Ohio Mechanical, and Granville Christian Academy.

According to Payscale, the average salary in Granville, OH, is $58,000, and the average hourly rate is $15.24.

If you plan on moving without a job, there are over 36,000 job postings on Indeed within 25 miles of Granville. But if you’re hoping to work for the government, check out some of the City of Granville available positions.

Granville Schools

The school district in Granville, OH, is Granville Exempted Village Schools. Here are a few examples of the schools available:

If you plan on attending college, there are plenty of universities close by: Denison University, Kenyon College, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ohio University Lancaster Campus, and Otterbein University.

The local library is the Granville Public Library.

Granville Statistics & Information

  • Granville Square Miles: 4.83
  • Granville County: Licking
  • Granville Zip Code: 43023
  • Granville Area Code: (740)
  • Granville Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
  • The Closest Airport: For Granville, the closest airport is Columbus Airport Marriott which is 28.6 miles away.
  • Granville Elevation: 958 feet above sea level

Map of Granville, OH

To help you find more amenities, attractions, restaurants, and fun things to do in Granville, Ohio, check out this map!

Moving to Granville, OH

Are you interested in moving to Granville, OH? It’s a safe, family-friendly, and beautiful community to plant your roots. Our Granville movers are here to make this relocation seamless. With 15+ years in business, professional crew members, and affordable rates, Krupp Moving is your #1 choice! Call us at (330) 359-1491 for a free quote!


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