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Thinking of Moving to Powell OH? | 🗺️ [2024] ULTIMATE Living in Powell OH Guide

Last Updated on: 27th September 2021, 10:32 am

Just north of the state capital of Columbus, Powell is known for being the best place to raise a family in the Columbus area. Powell started out as a settlement, which was named Middlebury at the time, named after the home of the first settlers who came from Connecticut. However, in 1857, Middlebury turned into Powell after Judge Thomas Powell from Delaware, Ohio established the first post office there. Now, the city continues to grow while remembering their humble roots and taking pride in maintaining their small homespun downtown.. Powell’s economy has flourished so the city is a frequent placeholder on the list of the highest-income cities in the US and one of the wealthiest areas in the nation. Notable people from Powell include actress Tala Ashe and Rascal Flatts Singer Gary LeVox.

Powell, OH Population & Demographics

Powell has a steady population growth of 1.8%. Powell’s current population is 13,131 people. The city’s population is 51% female and 49% male. Powell is considered to be somewhat diverse with the city’s racial demographics being 82.5% White, 12.3% Asian, 1.76% mixed races, 1.09% African American, and 0.989% other races. The median age in Powell is 38.6, and there are many families residing in the area. There are several different family statuses in the area with 3 being the average number of people living in a household together. Over 73% of Powell residents went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher. Luckily, Powell is one of the safest places to live in the US thanks to the city’s crime rates being 74% lower than the national average. You can also thank the 19 police officers at The Powell Police Department that dedicate their time to protect the city’s citizens and neighborhoods. 

Powell Cost of Living

Living in Powell isn’t the most affordable option when you compare the cost of living to the Ohio and national average. Powell is 20.4% more expensive to live than the national average and 38% greater than the rest of Ohio. The housing market in Powell is the main culprit for this since housing in Powell is more than double the cost of Ohio’s average prices. Fortunately, there are other essentials in Powell that are much more affordable. Utilities in Powell are 1% lower than the rest of Ohio.  

The majority of Powell residents own their home with the city having a 98% homeownership rate. The median cost of a home in Powell is $435,00, which sums up to be $171 per square foot. While housing costs are slowly increasing by 1% each year, it is good to start looking for the home you want before prices continue to rise! Check out the many stunning homes for sale in Powell, OH! 

There are still a few people looking to rent in Powell. The average rent for a 1,043 square foot apartment is $1,337. The rent trends in Powell have plateaued with prices staying around the same.

Powell, OH Neighborhoods

There are several nice neighborhoods in Powell. The most popular neighborhoods in Powell are Bartholomew Run, Big Bear Farms, Chambers Glen, and Deep Run. Bartholomew Run is one of the earliest neighborhoods to be developed, so most homes have mature trees and landscaping thanks to the neighborhood’s age. This neighborhood is one of the most affordable with prices ranging from $250,000 to $350,000. Big Bear Farm’s location makes it the perfect area for a subdivision with winding streets with large cul-de-sacs that hold beautiful homes. This neighborhood is a little bit bigger, but still has an amazing price point starting at $300,000. Chambers Glen is a secluded neighborhood with custom built homes from the 1990s. Housing ranges from $400,000 to $500,000 and all the homes offer high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, first floor masters, and many finished basements. Deep Run is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Powell with million dollar houses nestled into pretty woods with stunningly green lawns. Deep Run offers dozens of private amenities for residents to enjoy, making this a neighborhood filled with elegance and convenience. Powell also offers convenient shopping including Powell Crossing and Powell Plaza.

Powell, OH Weather

Powell has a continental climate that is known for its large temperature variability and strong seasons. The summers in Powell are warm and humid with highs of 85°F and lows of 64°F. Meanwhile, Powell’s winters get pretty chilly with highs of 38°F and lows of 25°F. Powell gets a good amount of precipitation throughout the year with 39 inches of rain and 23 inches of snow, making the city rich in vegetation.

Things to Do in Powell

Powell has several hidden gems throughout the city! Check out the top-rated activities in Powell down below:

Zoombezi Bay

Looking to get the kids outside the house? We’ve got the perfect solution! Zoombezi Bay is a 22.7 acre water park with several different water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool that keeps kids entertained all day!

4850 Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 645-3400

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 

Residents love visiting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium each year to discover all the unique animals the place takes care of each year! The most notable animals in the Zoo are the African Lion, Amur Tiger, Caribbean Flamingo, Mandrill, and more! Kids love looking around and interacting with a variety of animals to understand the importance of taking care of those that need our help!

4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 645-3400

Additional Things to do in and around Powell

The City of Powell has built 8 different parks around the city for residents to enjoy throughout the year! Check out the City of Powell Parks & Recreation site for more info.

Powell Restaurants

There are plenty of good dining options in Powell to choose from, so we’ve found the most popular restaurants in Powell for you to try out:

Local Roots


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Local Roots uses a simplistic approach to their restaurant by using locally sourced ingredients to create a more health-conscious environment that residents can’t seem to resist. Some of their most popular dishes include zucchini fries, seafood gumbo, seared salmon, baby back ribs, sweet potato pasta, and more! The restaurant also provides live music on the patio outside where people like to eat.

15 E Olentangy St, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 602-8060

Don Tequila Mexican Grill

A colorful local restaurant with bright walls serving delicious everyday Mexican food. The menu includes burritos, enchiladas, chicken taco salad, tortilla soup, and more! Residents always come back for more thanks to Don Tequila’s affordable food and excellent service!

9762 Sawmill Pkwy, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 932-9100

Map of Powell, OH

Look over this Powell map for places to visit, restaurants to eat at, stores to check out, and more!

Powell Statistics & Information

Those living in Powell will be located in Delaware County. Powell currently utilizes two area codes, which include 614 and 740. The zip code for Powell is 43065. The elevation of Powell is 909 feet. Powell is a part of the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. Powell is 5.64 square miles in area.

Jobs in Powell, OH

The median household salary in Powell is $157,149, which is a 5.38% increase from last year! The city currently employs 6,638 people. The majority of jobs in Powell are found in finance, insurance, professional and technical services, and retail.

The average commute time for Powell residents is 23.2 minutes – about 2 minutes shorter than the national average. While the majority of Powell residents drive to work, a whopping 10.9% work at home fulfilling a variety of job positions. Many people travel to nearby cities like Columbus for various job opportunities. If you’re interested in working in Columbus, you can click here for directions from Powell, OH to Columbus, OH, which is 21 minutes away.

Schools in Powell, OH

The most popular schools in Powell are Tyler Run Elementary School, Wyandot Run Elementary School, Olentangy Liberty Middle School, and Olentangy Liberty High School. These schools are widely known for their high student progression and test scores. There are also plenty of good options for private schools in the area, including The Compass School, Worthington Christian Powell, and The Oxford Schools. Many students in Powell love to take advantage of The Powell Library that allows them to expand on their own literary adventure!

Tips For Living in Powell

  • Pro: Great neighborhoods
  • Pro: Job opportunities with plenty of benefits
  • Con: Cost of living is seen to be expensive

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