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Highland Square Akron | 🎨💃 Living in Highland Square, the Artsy, Hip Akron Neighborhood

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 12:51 pm

Located in Akron’s downtown area, the urban neighborhood of Highland Square is known for being an eclectic, artsy, and hip community in an otherwise largely conservative city. Littered with apartment complexes, both modern and historical, Highland Square bucks trends by being far more densely packed than the rest of the city and having a concentration of attractions and restaurants of great quality to match. Living in Highland Square is a unique, excellent experience!


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Where is Highland Square?

Highland Square is located within the urban center of Akron, near the city’s downtown. It is bordered by Sherbondy Hill, West Hill, Cascade Valley, Merriman Hills, and West Akron. It is northwest of Downtown Akron. The distance from Highland Square to the city center of Akron is 2.1 miles. Highland Square is located within the zip code 44303.

The primary road running through Highland Square is West Market Street, which is part of Ohio’s Route 18. Public transportation is provided by the METRO Regional Transit Authority, which serves all of Highland Square, Akron, and even provides transportation to Cleveland. Being right in the center of Akron’s urban sprawl, your options for commuting around Highland Square and Akron will be many.

Map of Highland Square, Akron, Ohio

Highland Square, Akron History & Overview

Being right in the heart of Akron, Highland Square’s history is closely tied to the earliest days of the city. Much of the architecture here is what remains of Akron’s 19th century heritage, bringing the neighborhood of Highland Square its signature charm and unique look.

With the expansion of European settlers into the western parts of the United States, the area of Akron quickly became desirable due to the confluence of rivers and lakes in the area providing transportation and food. Akron proper would be settled in 1811, and the southern part of the downtown would be built only a short few years later.

Named for a Greek word meaning “summit”, the city would quickly come to be known as a center for invention and innovation. The late 1800s and early 1900s would see Akron explode in population, with the initial expansions into Highland Square also coming during this time. This neighborhood in particular is known for Portage Path, a path that once demarcated the border between European-American and Native American lands in the 19th century.

The population of the Highland Square neighborhood is 12,561. Residents of Highland Square have a median household income of $65,432, and 52.8% have bachelor’s degrees or higher. The median age of the population is 44.7, around the average for the Akron area, and ethnically speaking is fairly homogeneous, with Whites making up 77% of the population, with Blacks making up a secondary minority at around 16%.


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What’s It Like Living in Highland Square?

Highland Square is a neighborhood known for its eclectic nature, nightlife, attractions, restaurants, and culture. The Highland Square Neighborhood Association maintains Highland Square’s unique community. The community has always been known as more progressive than its neighbors, with many abolitionists, women’s rights activists, and LGBT activists coming from the community. Regardless of your reasons for moving to Highland Square, you’re sure to love it in this community!

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Highland Square, Akron, OH

Highland Square’s reputation as a neighborhood jam-packed with attractions and things to do is well deserved! This is alongside the added bonus that Highland Square is right in the middle of Akron – so any sort of attraction in the city won’t be far away. No matter what sorts of experiences you’re looking for, you’ll find them in this neighborhood!

Want to know where all the best shopping is in the Highland Square Akron neighborhood? All of Highland Square’s best shopping is located on the aptly-named West Market Street, which bisects the neighborhood into northern and southern halves. Health-oriented residents will want to check out the Mustard Seed Highland Square, a grocery store for organic and healthy goods. Those looking for fashion will find Highland Throwbacks to be their best option in Highland Square, offering plenty of vintage-styled fashion accessories!

Looking for things to do in Highland Square? It will be no surprise that you won’t be starved for options in this neighborhood! An interesting place to visit within the neighborhood is the home of Dr. Bob, the founder of the ubiquitous Alcoholics Anonymous organization and a health pioneer. You’ll also not want to miss the wonderful Akron Zoo, located on the southern border of Highland Square. With grizzly bears, red pandas, and all sorts of interesting animals, the Akron Zoo is sure to make for an exciting day out! You’ll also want to see a movie at the Highland Square Theatre, or see some wonderful live music at the PorchRokr Festival.

Want to know about the best Highland Square restaurants in Akron? If you’re craving a good breakfast, look no further than Wally Waffle, which provides delicious breakfasts until 2 PM! If you want something more exotic, you may want to check out Aladdin’s Eatery – a rather rare ethnic food of Lebanese and American fusion, providing an interesting palate.

See the Akron parks & recreation department for more Highland Square attractions.


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Highland Square, Akron, Ohio Schools

Those moving to Highland Square will be zoned into the Akron Public Schools District. Considering that the district accounts for nearly the entire population of Akron, parents in Highland Square will have many choices of excellent schools! Excellent choices for nearby public schools include Windemere Elementary School, Akron Early College High, and Firestone High School. Students and readers in Highland Square are served by the Highland Square branch of the Akron Library.

Is Highland Square Akron Safe?

Wondering if Highland Square is a safe neighborhood to live in? Being a neighborhood with a lively nightlife, it naturally attracts some crime. According to Areavibes, the crime rate of Highland Square is 60% higher than the national average, at 3,747 crimes per 100,000 people. The violent crime rate here is 98% above the national average, while property crime is 52% higher. Keeping to areas north of West Market Street will generally alleviate most issues with crime.

Highland Square is served by the Akron Police Department.

Highland Square Real Estate

Highland Square has plenty that makes it desirable and that makes it a competitive market. Prospective home buyers in Highland Square will find that prices here are still very affordable. According to Redfin, the average Highland Square, Akron home price is $144,550. This price is almost 50% higher than the Akron average of $100,000 but is still very affordable. The median days on the market for real estate is 43 days, while the number of homes sold annually is 34.

Renting apartments in Highland Square will have you paying a typical monthly rent of $961 for a 905 square foot apartment, according to RentCafe. This is well below half the national average rental price, which is $2,100 per month. While Highland Square is desirable, it won’t be as heavy on your wallet!


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If you’re interested in looking at listings for Highland Square’s homes, take a look at some Highland Square, Akron, OH real estate options here.

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