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Furniture Donation Columbus Ohio | Ultimate Guide to Columbus Furniture Donation Pickup!

Last Updated on: 25th March 2024, 01:21 pm

Stepping into the world of furniture donation Columbus Ohio is a rewarding and helpful journey, whether you’re in the process of refreshing your home aesthetic, downsizing to a cozier space, or contributing to a good cause during a move. Donating furniture in Columbus doesn’t just give a second life to those long-beloved furniture pieces, but it benefits your local community, all while decluttering your living space, too! As you navigate this generous path, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies, as in identifying where to donate furniture in Columbus Ohio, and ensuring the organizations you choose offer Columbus furniture donation pickup services.

Keep in mind that securing a receipt for your furniture donation in Columbus Ohio is essential for tax purposes. It’s equally important to acquaint yourself with the fair market value of your donations, adhere to IRS guidelines, and utilize resources like Goodwill for accurate valuation. While Krupp Moving & Storage is here to facilitate your moving process, we entrust the important task of furniture pickup to these incredible local charities and organizations listed below. If your furniture donation is part of a larger relocation effort, we’re on hand to assist with every other aspect of your move, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

With a mission to “Turn Empty Houses into Homes,” the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is committed to ensuring that all families in the region have the comfort and stability of a furnished home. This noble goal is about more than just furniture—it’s about strengthening families, enhancing their quality of life, and fostering a sense of community throughout central Ohio. Thanks to your furniture donation in Columbus Ohio, you become a part of this transformative journey.

The spectrum of items welcomed by the Furniture Bank is broad, encompassing everything from the essential couches and dining sets to the critical appliances that make a house a home. While they open their doors to various donations, it’s important to remember that the items must hug the line of gently used—free from significant wear, tear, or damage to ensure they’re ready for their next life in a new home.

Navigating furniture donation Columbus Ohio is a breeze with the Furniture Bank’s comprehensive services, including a Columbus furniture donation pickup service that simplifies the act of giving. Whether it’s an outdoor pickup at no cost or an indoor collection for a modest fee, the path to donation is clear and accommodating. For those with a larger array to donate, their Downsize with a Heart service caters to extensive collections.

In choosing the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio for your furniture donation in Columbus, you’re filling spaces in others’ lives with hope, comfort, and dignity. To initiate your donation journey, a visit to their donation standards page lays the foundation for getting started.

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio | 118 S Yale Ave, Columbus, OH 43222 (614-272-9544)

Goodwill At Your Door Columbus

Goodwill At Your Door is a standout service offering free pickup for large furniture donation in Columbus Ohio, and other household goods, still in fair condition, directly from homes and businesses. This service is specially designed for those undertaking significant decluttering projects or downsizing efforts, requiring items to be placed curbside for collection.

For those facing scenarios where Goodwill’s criteria aren’t met, such as donations stored in units or requiring more extensive haul-away services, ReSupply Priority Pickup is a great alternative. This partnership offers professional, low-cost haul-away services starting at $99, including disassembly if needed.

To schedule a pickup with Goodwill or explore the ReSupply Priority Pickup service, interested donors can easily reach out to Goodwill Columbus directly at 614-570-8111 or fill out the following form to donate furniture Columbus Ohio.

Goodwill Columbus Administrative Office | 671 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (614-294-5181)

The Salvation Army Central Ohio Area

The Salvation Army, Central Ohio Area, leads a cause that extends beyond charity, as its mission is about rekindling hope and fostering sustainable communities with lasting impacts. Through the generous donations of over 10 million individuals this past year, gently used furniture items and other belongings find new purpose, fueling a cycle of giving that benefits both the environment and those in need.

By donating your gently used furniture, clothing, appliances, and more, you’re not just clearing out your space—you’re contributing to this larger mission. Donors are encouraged to ensure their furniture donation is in good repair, and other items are in working condition, including all necessary parts and manuals, when possible. While a receipt is provided for every contribution, those who donate used furniture in Columbus Ohio to the Salvation Army are tasked with determining the value of their items, albeit guided by available valuation resources.

To learn more about the Salvation Army Columbus Ohio furniture donation requirements, visit the linked page. If you’re ready to donate used furniture in Columbus Ohio, schedule a donation pickup via the Salvation Army dedicated line, 1.800.SA.TRUCK or enter your Columbus Zip code on their schedule a furniture donation pick up in Columbus Ohio page.

The Salvation Army Columbus Hilltop Corps Community Center | 2300 W Mound St, Columbus, OH 43204 (614-221-6561)

Habitat For Humanity Mid-Ohio

Habitat for Humanity MidOhio ReStores are pivotal in addressing the affordable housing challenge in Central Ohio. By donating used furniture in Columbus Ohio, home accessories, building materials, and appliances, you contribute to a sustainable cycle that benefits the community and the environment. These donations are sold in ReStores, with proceeds going towards Habitat MidOhio’s mission to build homes and revitalize communities, supporting over 100 families annually in the region.

The ReStores not only provide a way to repurpose and resell items, reducing landfill waste by over 2,000 tons a year but also offer the community access to affordable goods.

Donating is made easy with Habitat MidOhio’s free furniture donation pickup in Columbus Ohio, ensuring no cost to you. Items must be placed in accessible areas like garages or driveways, and pickups are scheduled around two weeks in advance based on availability. It’s important to note that only items that can be resold in ReStores are accepted and should be fully assembled before pickup.

With locations in Westerville Road and Bethel Road in Columbus, the ReStores are a testament to the power of collective effort in building a better future for all. For more information on how to donate or get involved, visit the Habitat for Humanity MidOhio ReStores’ overview page.

Habitat for Humanity MidOhio Family & Program Center | 6665 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229 (614-422-4828)

Volunteers of America Ohio

Volunteers of America Ohio is there for those looking to make a tangible difference in their community with a Columbus furniture donation or donation of other household goods. Whether it’s clothing you’ve outgrown or housewares that no longer serve your needs, or more importantly, a Columbus furniture donation, this organization opens its doors wide to a variety of contributions, ensuring your items help further its mission.

With thrift stores and drop-off locations scattered across Ohio, as well as convenient furniture donation pickup in Columbus right from your doorstep, donating is both convenient and rewarding. When utilizing VOA for your furniture donation Columbus Ohio, items should be placed in a visible spot, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free donation process.

Donating to Volunteers of America Ohio not only declutters your space but also offers you a tax advantage. Contributions in good condition are tax-deductible, and you’ll receive a tax receipt for your records. While the organization provides the receipt, it’s up to you to determine the value of your donated items, with guidance available from the IRS.

The range of accepted items is extensive, but it’s important to note certain restrictions on items due to safety and operational reasons. Visit their scheduling page to schedule your pickup, and for a detailed list of what’s accepted and what’s not, it’s best to consult directly with Volunteers of America Ohio or visit their donation guidelines. By choosing Volunteers of America Ohio for your donations, you’re not just giving away items; you’re giving back to the community and supporting a legacy of hope and help that spans generations.

Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana Columbus Administrative Office | 1780 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43203 (614-253-6100)


ReSupply, a veteran-owned donation service, revolutionizes donating furniture in Columbus Ohio by offering fast and convenient furniture donation pickups. Tailored to support local nonprofits, they ensure your donations, from heavy furniture to smaller household items, find new homes where they’re most needed.

Prioritizing your schedule, ReSupply offers Columbus furniture donation pickup within 24-48 hours, including disassembly services for larger items. For a simplified donation experience that directly impacts your community, consider scheduling with ReSupply. For more details on how to donate used furniture in Columbus Ohio, or to schedule a furniture donation pick up in Columbus Ohio, visit their website today.

ReStore Westerville Road | 3140 Westerville Rd. Columbus OH, 43224 (614-737-8673)

Map of Where to Donate Furniture in Columbus

Interested in furniture donation pick up Columbus Ohio? Although most of these services come to you, they often offer drop off options, too, so explore those nearest to you and schedule your Columbus furniture donation with ease!

As you consider where to donate furniture in Columbus Ohio, remember these various organizations ready to facilitate your generosity with simplified Columbus furniture donations and free pickup services. Should your path to furniture donation pickup in Columbus Ohio be a part of a move, Krupp Moving & Storage is here to ensure a seamless transition to your new home. While we do not handle the pickup of donated items, our professional Columbus movers stand eager and ready to assist with any of your moving needs once the donating is done. Call 614-892-9046 for a free quote today!


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