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Canton OH Storage Units Guide [2024] | Best Storage Units in Canton [list with tips]

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 04:46 am

Whether it’s your kids’ paintings or those pesky Christmas lights, we all seem to have too much stuff. The only way to remedy an overflowing house is to find a place to put it. That’s where Canton storage comes into play! To keep your belongings safe and secure, a top-rated Canton storage facility should have constant security, offer multiple sized units, affordable pricing, and have good hours so you can pick up your belongings whenever you need. There are many Canton storage companies to choose from, but we’ve narrowed down the most popular for you to check out.

Types of Storage in Canton

When you’re looking for storage solutions in Canton, there are really three different types to choose from. The first one is self storage. This is what you’re used to seeing around your town. It’s basically a building with indoor or outdoor units that you can go in and store your belongings. There is often someone watching the property around the clock, and most places are guarded with a gate that will have an access code.

The second type of storage in Canton is warehouse storage. This is when you contact a local moving company who has storage facility space in Canton. Basically, you’ll fill up a storage container with all of your belongings and then it gets moved into a warehouse and stacked with other containers. The benefits to this is that it’s perfect for long term storage and keeping your belongings really safe. However, it is also difficult to access, so if you need to get to your items often, you’re best going with self storage.

The third option is a pod storage container. Usually, you’ll fill up a pod when you’re relocating and a moving company will drop it off at your new property. This is perfect for short-term storage.

Choosing the Best Storage Companies in Canton

When looking at the many storage facilities in Canton, there are a few things you should look at. These include:

  • Accessibility: How frequently are you going to look at your items? Do you want to be able to access them by yourself? If so, you’ll want self storage.
  • Security: Perhaps the most important thing about Canton storage facility is that it has good security. This means you’ll need 24-hour surveillance, a well-lit facility, and a good lock. The safest storage is warehouse, but self-storage can also be very safe as well.
  • Location: You don’t want to have to drive too far to get to your unit. The closer it is to your house, the easier it is to access.
  • Size: You don’t want to have to rent out multiple units for your belongings, so check with each Caton storage company to see how they can help and accommodate you.
  • Cost: Wasting money isn’t something that anyone wants! Shop around and find the best prices.

iStorage Self Storage | Most Flexible Open Hours

If you’re looking for self storage in Canton where you can access it frequently, this is the best place to go. Their hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM at night, so you can easily get your belongings no matter the time of day. They’re also open seven days a week. For security, they have cameras constantly monitoring the area, and they have units on the ground floor and above. If you want climate controlled indoor storage, you’ll be best keeping your belongings here. They also have elevator freight access for larger items.

iStorage, 4050 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH 44718, (330) 355-1628

All Pro Storage | Easy Access From the Freeway

With a convenient location right off of 77, you’ll be able to get here no matter where you’re coming from. The ease of the location is one of the main benefits, but that’s not all this storage facility in Canton has to offer. You’re able to move in whenever, and they have completely contactless move in. Also, their security is top notch. They have someone supervising at all hours, and you’ll find that they have video surveillance watching all the units. Their lighting is also superior, and even late at night, you’ll feel safe and secure. With multiple units ranging in sizes from 5×5 to 10×15, there is a unit for everyone.

All Pro Storage, 825 Wertz Ave NW, Canton, OH 44708, (330) 453-0588

AAA Self Storage | Best Warehouse and Self Storage

If you’re not quite sure which storage solution in Canton that you’ll need, AAA is where you should go. They’ve been in business over 20 years, and they specialize in their different storage spaces. They have self storage and warehouse storage, so no matter your needs, you can get it here. Plus, they also have the choice between outdoor units, indoor units, climate controlled units, or parking for oversized vehicles. Their pricing is affordable and starts at just $40, and they have security that monitors the premises. You’ll also need an access code to get through the gate during business hours, making this a top choice for Canton storage.

AAA Self Storage, 1915 Allen Ave SE, Canton, OH 44707, (330) 588-8336

IncaAztec Self Storage | Best Canton Storage for Large Items

If you have a bunch of stuff that you need to keep in a unit, this is the best storage company in IncaAztec. They have units that are large garages and can fit big items that may be awkward in other rental units. What’s really great about this place is that they offer 24 hour access. So, you can get your belongings at any time of the day. It’s all covered with a gate access code and friendly managers that will help you into your unit if you ever should need. They’ve been in business over three decades and have amazing reviews, so if you’re looking for a Canton storage facility that you can trust, IncaAztec is for you.

IncaAztec Self Storage, 4087 Martindale Rd NE, Canton, OH 44705, (330) 492-0201

Simon Says Storage LLC | Most Affordable Canton Storage

Is price an issue with other Canton storage companies? Simon Says Storage offers bottom of the barrell pricing, and that’s what they’re known for. Though their units aren’t as flashy as the others, if you don’t care whether it’s climate controlled, this is a great place to go. They also don’t have gated access, but they’re units are constantly monitored with video surveillance, and their reviews only have positive things to say.

Simon Says Storage LLC, 1110 Camden Ave SW, Canton, OH 44706, (330) 327-0647

Southway Mini Storage | Best Storage in Canton for Small Items

When you don’t have a ton of items to put away, Southway Mini Storage is a great option. Their units get as large as 10×10, but one nice thing about this storage company in Canton is that they offer a free truck to rent when you’re keeping your items there with them. They have an on-site manager that can help you at any time during their access hours, and the whole facility is surrounded by a tall fence that only opens with an access code. The units are not climate controlled, but they are outside and garage style without any stairs, making it easy to drive up and unload your belongings. If you need ground floor access that is drive up, you’ll love that every single one of their units provides this.

Southway Mini Storage, 2524 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707, (330) 477-6063

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Looking up storage units in Canton because you’re about to move? If you’re transferring belongings from one property to another or one storage unit to another, contact Krupp Moving. We’re a top-rated Canton moving company ready to help you every step of the way! Call us today at 330-359-1491 for a free quote.


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