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Best Columbus, OH Home Builders List

Best Columbus, OH Home Builders List | 🏠 Which Columbus Home Builder Should You Hire?

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 11:14 am

Finding the perfect home is challenging, which is one of the main reasons why so many people search for reliable custom home builders in Columbus. When you find Columbus home builders who make personalized homes, you are able to get the house of your dreams. You can design each room to showcase your unique interests and personal preferences.

To find the right home builders in Columbus, you should start by looking at their qualifications. How long have they been in the industry? Do they have a strong track record of happy clients?

You should search for someone who has positive reviews and a history of quality customer service in the industry. Your ideal residential home builder should also be licensed and insured. As you look for the perfect Columbus new home builders, you should figure out the answers to the following questions.

  • How much does it cost to build a house in Columbus?
  • What is the average cost per square foot to build a house in Columbus?

The average cost per square foot to build a house in Columbus is $113.17. Since the average home size for a house in the United States is 1,903 square feet, this means a typical house costs around $215,362.

1. DiYanni Homes – Top Family-Owned Columbus Home Builders

Started in 1979, DiYanni Homes is one of the best custom home builders in Columbus. When the DiYanni family first moved to the area, they set up a small construction business known as 5 Brothers. Once they learned more about the industry, they changed their company’s name to DiYanni Custom Homes.


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These high-end Columbus home builders take their inspiration from Italy. Over the years, they have won awards like the People’s Choice Award from the parade of Homes. To date, the company has built more than 2,000 homes in Central Ohio.

When you start building a home in Columbus, you can use one of DiYanni’s premade layouts or create a custom layout. DiYanni Homes works with preferred lenders to help you get prequalified for a home loan. Once you are prequalified, you can get help searching for land, designing the building, and constructing your new property.

2. American Heritage Homes – Best Affordable Builder in Columbus

If you are searching for affordable home builders in Columbus, you should check out American Heritage Homes. They can walk you through the cost to build a house in Columbus and the design process. Through American Heritage Homes, you can get beautiful, luxury homes built on your lot.

Started in 1996, American Heritage Homes was created by Gary Libertini and Bill Crum. Since it was initially founded, the company has made hundreds of homes in Central Ohio. Whether you want a high-end mansion or a quaint cottage, this company can help.

Known as some of the top custom home builders in Columbus, this team is led by a carpenter and an architect. Libertini and Crum are committed to quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. The award-winning company has been recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Place to Work, and the Central Ohio BIA Parade of Homes.

3. Schumacher Homes – A Locally Owned Business

Known as one of the best home builders in the area, Schumacher Homes is the place to go if you need help building a home in Columbus. This company has won awards for its home designs, and they offer a true one-stop shopping experience. If you want to check out their showcase residential homes, you can show up at the home office and take a self-guided tour without making any appointments.


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Over the years, Schumacher Homes has won the National Housing Quality Award, the National Gold Winning Home of the Year, the National Gold Winning Multi-Generational Home of the Year, and the 2020 Platinum Builder Award Winner. Originally, Paul Schumacher entered the field in the early 1990s. After several years of purchasing and renovating fixer-uppers, Paul realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life designing homes.

Today, Schumacher Homes works to build affordable, custom homes for clients throughout Central Ohio. Each elegant property is designed to match the family who will live in it. Thanks to their talent and attention to detail, the company has helped more than 19,000 families build their dream homes.

4. Mulberry – Boutique Home Builders

For luxury homes on a budget, check out affordable home builders in Columbus like Mulberry. They can help with the entire process of financing, designing, and building a house in Columbus. At this trusted building and development company, you can enjoy having a single source that is responsible for pre-construction, assessments, estimation, engineering, post-construction, building, and reliable contractors.

At this full-service construction and design firm, you get a team that has more than 50 years of combined experience. While some companies require you to buy your own lot, Mulberry gives you more options. When you work with this team, you can choose to buy a lot yourself or purchase one from Mulberry.

Through Mulberry, you can collaborate on personal construction projects or multi-family structures. The team has also worked on historic preservation projects and large-scale renovation projects. Whether you want a customized mansion or an affordable family home, these talented custom home builders in Columbus can help.

5. P&D Builders – Energy Efficient Construction for Columbus Homes

For people who care about green construction techniques, P&D Builders is the best place to go. Known as one of the most experienced home builders in Columbus, this company offers a transparent, straightforward homebuilding experience. To get a general idea of their results, you can check out their Northstar Model in person or virtually before you sign up for an initial consultation.

Back in 1962, Richard E. Dillon established P&D Builders. He built his company around his values, such as respect, communication, and trust. Today, his company is run by three owners.


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Since they first began their operations, these top Columbus home builders have won several different awards. They have won Parade of Home awards for First Interior Impression (Gold Award), Exterior Architecture (Silver Award), Cutting Edge Convenience (Gold Award), and Outdoor Living Area (Silver Award).

Over the years, these Columbus new home builders have constructed more than 1,500 homes in Central Ohio.

Today, you can check out P&D Builders if you need help building a house in Columbus. In addition to their many financing options, the company also offers new owners the highest standard of energy efficiency in the business.

6. America’s Home Place – Budget Pricing Options in Columbus

To discover one of the most cost-friendly home builders in Columbus, you can head over to America’s Home Place. With more than 45 years of experience, this company has some of the most talented custom home builders in Columbus. Currently, the company is one of the biggest on-your-lot home-building businesses in the entire country.

Because the company has pre-negotiated and structured pricing with national suppliers, they are able to reduce the costs involved in building a home. You can easily customize some of their basic layouts by adding extra rooms, changing design features, and adjusting room sizes.

America’s Home Place currently has 46 custom home building centers around the country. These popular Columbus home builders can help you reduce the cost to build a house in Columbus through their supplier discounts and financing options.

Map of Top Columbus Home Builders

Once You’ve Found the Best Home Builders in Columbus, OH

The steps to follow after you’ve found the top Columbus home builders are fairly obvious. First, you’ll want to work with them to build the house of your dreams. Then, the next step is to hire professional Columbus movers to assist with your relocation to the new home.

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