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Akron Dog Parks (2024) 🐶 | List, Tips, Guide & Map

Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 11:15 am

While most city parks are designed for kids, sports, and families, dogs deserve parks of their own too! Akron is home to plenty of great parks to let your doggy run, socialize, and play including fun Akron dog parks with swimming areas and city and state parks with dog-friendly hiking trails. Here are some of the cool dog parks in and around Akron, OH. You’ll have fun exploring with your dog, whether you’re up for an adventure, a day at the lake, or a quick trip to your neighborhood park.

Goodyear Heights Metro Park – One of Akron’s Oldest

Goodyear Heights Metro Park is a 90-year-old park created with land donated by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Akron. Want something more than a boring, fenced-in place to take your pup? The park features beautiful tulip, pine, oak, basswood, maple, and black cherry trees with the Victory Gardens built during WWII and a cattail marsh along Alder Pond that’s home to muskrats and snapping turtles.

There’s plenty of scenic trails to explore with your pup in one of the oldest pet-friendly parks in Akron. Doggies especially love the 1.4-mile Alder Trail which takes you through the woods to the boardwalk at Alder Pond. For a longer walk or jog, try the 2-mile Piney Woods Trail.

Goodyear Heights Metro Park, 2077 Newton St, Akron, OH 44305 (330) 867-5511

BARC – Akron Dog Park – Located in City Proper

Akron Dog Park is the only one of the Akron dog parks located in the city proper and it’s designed to let dogs socialize and exercise safely. Run by Better Akron Recreation for Canines (BARC), a nonprofit, the park offers off-leash play areas in a park-like setting and it’s open every day throughout the year.


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Pups can enjoy separate dog parks with a small dog area for puppies and dogs under 30 pounds. There’s also a fun obstacle course and play equipment with a doggie drink station, fenced green areas, and gravel terrain.

One of the things that makes the BARC Akron Dog Park one of the best dog parks in Akron is the fun events it hosts. For Halloween, for example, the park hosts a pup trick or treat celebration with treats for dogs and a dog costume contest. There’s also an annual Easter egg hunt for dogs every April.

BARC Akron Dog Park 499 Memorial Pkwy, Akron, OH 44310 (330) 510-1364

Cascade Valley Metro Park — Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Akron

Cascade Valley Metro Park is located conveniently between downtown Akron and Cuyahoga Falls to the north and it’s one of the best dog parks in Akron, OH if you’re looking for a beautiful and challenging hike with your furry friend.

Named for the river cascades found throughout the park system, the park boasts stunning cliffs with an overlook to take in sweeping views overlooking the river. There are several park areas that are pet-friendly. Choose the one that best fits your (and your pup’s!) fitness level.

Pet-friendly park areas at Cascade Valley Metro Park include:

  • Chuckery Area @ 837 Cuyahoga St, Akron, OH 44313. Enjoy wide-open park space where your dog can enjoy a run or try the challenging 2.4-mile Chuckery Trail that crosses the Cuyahoga River.
  • Overlook Area @ 354 Sackett Ave, Akron, OH 44313. You can reach the overlook by taking the trail with an easy 0.5-mile hike that’s flat and suitable for most pups.
  • Schumacher Valley Area @ 1690 Cuyahoga St, Akron, OH 44313. There are two trails to explore here: the Schumacher Trail is shorter and hilly with beautiful views while the Valley Link Trail is 2.8 miles and connects with other trails.
  • Highbridge Trail @ 1270 Front St, Akron, OH 44310. This moderately challenging trail is 3.2 miles roundtrip.

Cascade Valley Metro Park, Akron, OH 44310 (330) 867-5511

Keyser Park – For Dog’s and Family

Just 8 miles north of Akron is Keyser Park, one of the best dog parks near Akron that offers more than just dog amenities, although your dog is bound to have a blast! Keyser Park is fun for the whole family with a garden, ball fields, and a playground. There’s also family-friendly events hosted at the park throughout the year like concerts and food truck events. For pups, Keyser Park has a dedicated dog park area that’s fully fenced with separate areas for large and small dogs plus a water feature.

Keyser Park, 851 W Bath Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 (330) 971-8223

Bow Wow Beach — Akron Dog Park on the Beach

Does your pup love taking a dip? Try Bow Wow Beach Dog Park in Stow, just 11 miles northwest of Akron. Bow Wow Beach is worth the short drive! This fun 7.5-acre fenced dog park boasts a sandy beach, grassy knolls, and a large 3-acre lake where pets can enjoy a swim in the summer.

Bow Wow Beach even includes amenities like dog washing stations, an obstacle course, pen entrances, and a special area specifically for small dogs to make sure your small pup gets the chance to safely socialize.

Bow Wow Beach is open from mid-March through December but note that it’s closed every Thursday from 8 am to 11 am. Check the Bow Wow Beach Yelp page for more photos of the dog amenities and lake at Bow Wow Beach!

Bow Wow Beach, 5027 Stow Rd, Stow, OH 44224 (330) 689-5100

Portage Lakes State Park — Akron’s Best Dog Park for Swimming

Want a break from the traditional dog park? When the Akron city dog park starts to lose its appeal, make the short 13-mile drive south of downtown to Portage Lakes State Park. It isn’t just a dog-friendly park near Akron — it also has a dedicated dog park complete with a dog swim area!

Make sure you know the rules before you visit Portage Lakes State Park. Outside of the fenced dog park and dog swim area, your dog needs to stay on a leash. Still, they’re free to join you on the park’s many hiking trails and at the day-use shelters where you can enjoy a cook-out. Your pup will have fun exploring the 9 trails like the 5-mile Shoreline Trail around the lake or the short Knapp Forestview or Lakeview trails.

Portage Lakes State Park, 5031 Manchester Rd, Akron, OH 44319 (330) 644-2220

Wadsworth Community Dog Park – Open Daily

Wadsworth Community Dog Park is a collaborative effort between the city of Wadsworth and local businesses, offering dogs a safe, secure place to play and socialize off-leash. As one of the closest dog parks near Akron, you can reach the Wadsworth dog park with a short 15-mile drive west of downtown Akron.

The Wadsworth dog park is open daily, year-round, with 3.6 acres of play space for pups with pen entry and a separate section for small dogs under 30 pounds. There’s plenty of seating and wooded areas with two pet drinking stations and 6 pet waste stations.

Because the Wadsworth Community Dog Park is located within Valley View Park, it offers fun for the whole family. Bring the kids and the pup to one of the most fun Akron dog parks with an adjacent playground, picnic tables, basketball courts, and even a skateboard park.

Wadsworth Community Dog Park, 618 West St, Wadsworth, OH 44281 (330) 335-2790

Akron Dog Parks Map

Goodyear Heights Metro Park 
BARC Akron Dog Park 
Cascade Valley Metro Park 
Keyser Park 
Bow Wow Beach 
Portage Lakes State Park 
Wadsworth Community Dog Park 

As you can see, the Akron area is home to plenty of great dog parks, state parks, and city parks to explore with your pup, including dedicated off-leash areas and doggy swim spots. Planning to relocate to Akron and ready to see the top Akron dog parks for yourself? Count on the experienced Akron movers at Krupp Moving & Storage to get you there without a hitch.


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