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Thinking about undertaking a local move in the Columbus area? Moves of any kind are stressful, and that is just as true of moves that take place over short distances as long distances. With Krupp Moving’s excellent short distance moving team, your Columbus local move will be made easy.


But what exactly is a local move? At Krupp Moving, we consider a local move to be one that takes place under 100 miles in distance. Relocations taking place in this distance bracket have a number of benefits, mainly that they can usually be completed in a single day, with the same crew handling the process from start to finish. These kinds of moves are typically intrastate, but can sometimes be interstate if the state in question is small enough. Krupp Moving services Columbus and all of the Columbus, OH Metropolitan Area.


With the right local moving service crew at your side, even sizable moves will become easy and stress-free. We hope you’ll consider Krupp Moving for the job!  

Hiring Professional Columbus Local Movers - Best Reasons

Hiring a full-service Columbus local moving company can be an expensive venture, but that price is more than justified by the suite of services and long list of benefits a local mover can provide. 


A Columbus local mover will provide storage for your belongings at varying rates and in varying time frames, especially useful for those planning to downsize. Local moving teams also handle laborious and tedious work on your behalf, most notably packing, a deceptively difficult part of the process. Krupp Moving has a wide variety of specialized equipment for the job, and will provide it all at no additional cost to you! Expert packing and wrapping will keep you and your belongings safe, and plenty of time will be saved with the extra helping hands. Perhaps most importantly, a trustworthy Columbus moving team will provide peace of mind and their experience, making the moving process smoother.


With benefits like these, you’ll only be harming yourself by not signing on a Columbus short-distance mover. Call Krupp Moving for your Columbus area local move today!

Columbus Local Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

It’s true that having a group of men with lots of experience in the field is a fantastic boon to any move in and of itself – however, a local move will need plenty of specialized equipment to succeed. 


Krupp Moving prides itself on its immense list of services, equipment, and special training regimen, all to make your move easier! Here’s a list of some of the many things we have on hand:


  • Dedicated trucks (20 to 26 ft. in size) for your move 
  • Dedicated crews handling the job start to finish
  • Storage, vaults in a climate-controlled, 24 hour monitored warehouse, both long term and short term. First month free!
  • Shrink wrap, protective blankets, tape, and other supplies provided on full-service packing
  • Packing services
  • Safe, gun safe, and piano moving services
  • No travel fees for local moves

The team at Krupp Moving is absolutely dedicated to making sure your Columbus local move goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. No matter what your circumstances are, you can count on us!

How Much Does a Columbus Local Move Cost?

The services and benefits of hiring a Columbus local moving service are immense, but you’re no doubt curious as to just how much these services are going to cost. Every move, no matter what distance, has a variable cost dependent on a number of factors, and the only way to know for sure is to contact your company of choice for a quote. At Krupp Moving, our quotes are totally free! 


A number of common factors will be the major contributors to changes in what you pay for your final bill. A few of the factors that will affect your final price include: 


  • Distance
  • Quantity of possessions, and size of items to be moved
  • Special service packages
  • Ease of access to property
  • Quantity of workers required for move
  • Special preparation

There are other special considerations for local moves in terms of cost – for instance, Krupp Moving charges an hourly rate for our local moving services, but we do not charge travel fees! If you want to be absolutely certain what you’ll be paying for our services, call Krupp Moving or fill out our online form for a quote! 

How to Choose the Best Columbus Local Moving Company

We understand better than anyone that choosing the right local relocation crew for your specific circumstances is often the hardest part of any move. With these tips by Krupp Moving, you’ll be sure to find the right full-service local mover in the Columbus area for you!


While researching Columbus local movers, check the reviews of full-service companies in the area, particularly on Google and Yelp. Be certain that your company of choice is trustworthy by checking their stats, like how long they’ve been in the business, what their claims rate is, how many moves they’ve done, and whether they are properly insured or not. Finally, be sure that your local moving team has the right equipment for your situation, and that they have excellent customer service!  


You’ve no doubt guessed by now that Krupp Moving will pass any of these tests with top marks! For over a decade and a half, we’ve been providing the best local moving services to the Columbus area – don’t just take our word for it, read our fantastic Google and Yelp reviews! 

Krupp Moving serves not only Columbus, but also the entire Columbus, OH Metropolitan Area. With Krupp Moving, your local relocation will transform from a long, stressful, and laborious process to a slick and simple process! Don’t settle for second best, call Krupp Moving now at 614-892-9046 or fill out our online form for a completely cost-free quote!